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Whole Within VaseMy last year in a list – move to Virginia, new house, studio moved two times, updated website, work evolving, a deeper acceptance of myself, a rejuvenated energy for shaping my future, my work, and a heightened desire to connect with people close to me.  Whew, tired just typing it!

My goal for these blog posts will be to explore my intentions listed above while hopefully sharing some of myself with those interested – whether friends, family, customers, potential customers, anyone.  The deeper I delve into myself and my work, there is a push to try and articulate this process for myself – bringing that awareness and insight closer to the surface.  If others want to read and/or comment on this journey – so much the better.  When I am working in the studio my thoughts drift more to the relationship between artists and customer/consumer/____(what word would you put here?)_________.

Neither of those terms feels right.  What other term could I use that would better describe and honor that connection between myself and someone who purchases my work?  I typically have a conversation with a person about what they are looking for specifically, or about the time they made pots on the wheel, or what my average day is like, or what their day is like.  I may not remember the details but that experience stays with me and is an important part of my life now.  Buying handmade pottery is not a necessary part of life, it is a choice people make and I am interested in why they make that choice (why do I make that choice)?   How can I facilitate that choice being made more often (mama’s got bills to pay)?  Finding my place in the current culture as a potter, making a living in a way that feels good to me and pays the bills, loving and building community with others, making beautiful work that functions well are all questions I bring with me into the studio each time and are therefore infused into each piece.